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Headquartered in Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA, Computer Crafts Inc., a manufacturer of interconnect products for the computer and electronics industry was founded in 1957. In order to facilitate its ever growing global OEMs, Computer Crafts Hong Kong Ltd. (CCHK) was established in 1993. Situated not only in a Financial Center of the world, but also perfectly positioned next to the largest growing economy to facilitate Outsourcing and Logistics! Since then, CCHK has developed into a leader in Quality Manufacturing accumulating experience over the last decade in all aspects of the supply chain.

Computer Crafts Hong Kong stands at the forefront in quality manufacturing of cable assemblies, from not only traditional in-house manufacturing, but also scalable virtual manufacturing using constantly monitored outsourcing plants. With over a decade in managing multi-plants with live state-of-the-art ERP/MRP systems, we have developed Quality Management experience down to forensics. With detailed investigations on the defects in our QC center in HK we can troubleshoot the problematic area in the respective plant and formulate corrective actions remotely and promptly. We not only provide a communications channel that developed countries are accustomed to, but also a robust legal system in HK that upholds contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements. 
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