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The FIBERLINE System consists of modular fiber optic based structured wiring components that can be selected and configured to meet most typical installation needs. The products support both large and small structured building wiring networks between active HUBS and/or the desktop. The modular "building block" concept maximizes availability, minimizes cost and installer skill requirements, ensures a quicker installation time, and provides consistent quality.

A multi-way connector (MPO series), which is the size of an SC connector, is used to produce pre-terminated building wiring systems. This is available in 4, 8 and 12 fiber versions. The use of this connector enables a pre-terminated building cable assembly to be pulled through trunking and under floors/over ceilings easily using standard cable pulling techniques.

The intended application is permanently installed fiber backbones or Fiber To The Desk, however, several systems have been used as temporary optical links during new installations, moves/changes, and as "disaster recovery" backup systems.

The primary benefits of the FIBERLINE System are reduced installation time, guaranteed optical performance, and reduced overall cost. Additionally, these products require less discretion and skill on the part of the installer, which will offer the designer, device OEM, and the customer the most control over the finished installation.

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MTP24 - 3xMTP12 Premier
MTP24 Premier - 12xLC Duplex
MTP24 - 2xMTP12
MTP - 4xLC duplex MM
MTP - 4xLC duplex SM
36 core trunk with Pull sock on 1 side
12 core trunk with Pull sock on 1 side
MTP on distribution cable with Pull Pod
MTP Harness cable
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