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Computer Crafts Hong Kong is world class supplier with forefront manufacturing capabilities. Our technical staffs with combined 40 years experience in process development and quality control methods, are ready to meet the challenge of the new IEEE802.3BA and TIA-942 Telecommunication Infrastructure Standard for 40/100Gbs data centers.

We also carry various components for 12c / 24c cable and connectors to support local assemblers

Domailie Polishers


JDSU 64 channel MAP 203

We are delighted to announce a Latest breakthrough in achieving Return Loss > 25dB, typical 40dB for 12c MM Elite or 24c MM Elite connector. This is essential for the 40G/100G network. Thanks to guidance of the USConec team.

test report sample#1

test report sample#2

test report sample#3

test report sample#4

Process control is the key to meet the new standard. We have developed techniques that achieve very tight tolerances in fiber geometries on MT ferrules. This, in turn, produced MTP/MPO connectors with exceptionally low IL and RL, thus, enhanced and meet link budget in data centers connectivity.

  • Domailie Polishers with MTP, LC polishing fixtures;
  • JDSU 64 channel MAP 203 I.L. / R.L. Tester;
  • DORC ARRAY ZX-1 Interferometer;
  • Inspection scopes 10X to 400X and state of the art equipments to verify the Fiber polarity testers.

We can produce OEM volume, as well as, supporting the quick turn around orders for urgent installations demand.

Product ranges from

  • MTP (48c, 24c, 12c);
  • Prizm Lightturn;
  • LC Uniboot, Duplex LC.
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